Industrial Services is industrial coatingtreatment.

We can offer services in boiler cleaning, blast cleaning (with a wide variety of blowing materials), blasting, cleaning, corrosion protection, ventilation cleaning, fire protective coating, etc.

You get 65 years of experience and all our work is certified (according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001). Furthermore, we are prequalified under Sellicha.

By choosing OMØ as a supplier you include:

  • Competitive prices
  • Tasks are organized and carried out in cooperation with our customers and their unique needs
  • High flexibility, we can startup the task anywhere in Denmark within 8 hours
  • We can work around the clock
  • Our operators are experienced and well trained
  • We work with the latest technology in equipment and supplies
  • We know the safety rules and comply with them
  • We leave the workplace neat and tidy
  • We can ensure coordination with other workers at site
  • We obtain quality documentation as required
  • We offer informal meetings

Read more about our specialized fields:

Boiler cleaning

Boiler Cleaning can be done as a separate task in cleaning of individual boiler areas, or it can be made as a total concept, where all current services are covered by the work.
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Blast cleaning

Blast cleaning can be made with many different blowing agents - from the more traditional quartz sand to the more careful mineral products. It is important that any surface is estimated and treated correctly in relation to the desired result.
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Blasting cleaing with explosives

On- and offline blasting cleaning with dynamite is controlled explosions suitable for removing burnt slag material on tubes and tube walls.
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Ventilation cleaing

The ventilation systems can be cleaned with a brand new method, which ensures that all impurities, mold, etc. are removed for a long term.
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Corrosion protection

Corrosion category, and thus durability, determines the type of cleaning and subsequent corrosion protection.
In order to achieve the proper surface treatment, it is necessary to consider the functional requirements that are to the protective treatment.
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The OMØ Mobile Fan

A unique and highly efficient ventilation solution that can reduce the dust load and improve the working environment in many contexts. It has a unique absorption capacity of 20,000 m3/h. It is mounted on a trailer so that it can be used almost anywhere.
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Fire protective coating

Paint for fire protection of structures, access roads, emergency exits, control room etc.

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