OMØ Mobile Fan

The OMØ Fan is a unique and very flexible ventilation solution that can reduce the dust load and improve the working environement in many contexts.

The OMØ Mobile Fan has been developed to solve this problem, as it has a unique exhauster capable of 20,000 m3/h. In addition to this, it is mounted on a trailer so that it can be used almost anywhere.

The OMØ Mobile Fan can be used for boiler cleaning, ventilation cleaning, cleaning paint with lead and PCBs, sandblasting, deslagging etc.

OMØ Mobile Fan in operation OMØ Mobile Fan in operation

The OMØ Mobile Fan can be used for boiler cleaning

Reduces dust load and optimises the working conditions, among other things:

• Vacuum enough for 2 sandblasters
• Can quickly be switched to by-pass around the filters
• Used for cooling, ventilation for inconel welding, as well as extraction of water vapour from water cutting
• Allows for efficient ventilation and improved working environment for all groups during changes
• Reduces change time with partial monarflex or wood barriers
• By blocking the electrical filter you can turn off the induced draft fan and sandblasting boiler while working on the flue gas side
• By blocking the furnace,you sandblast in the boiler while working on, for example, the grate curtain/hoppers, etc.
• It is mounted on a trailer, so it is mobile and can be used almost anywhere 
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