Blast cleaning

Blast cleaning is often a good solution when preparing a surface that requires treatment. This is a mechanical process in which a blowing agent by air pressure is led through a nozzle. The process can take place with or without water addition. The process can also be carried out with many different types of blowing material.

The pressure, the manual handling and the blowing material are crucial to the outcome of blast cleaning.

For both corrosion protection and surface cleaning, there are special requirements to this cleaning method.

In OMØ we operate with many different types of blast cleaning, from the very careful and gentle treatment that just removes superficial dirt from a sandstone, to the rough method that can remove hardly burnt material in a combustion boiler for instance. We always make a thorough assessment of the current task before we, in cooperation with the client or counselor, decide what kind of blast cleaning is the most appropriate.

A thorough and rigorous preliminary work before the cleaning is the first essential condition for a long and stable life span.

                                                              Overfladebehandling. Korrosionsbeskyttelse