Flake Lining

A preventive surface protection that will save maintenance costs.

Lining is a coating, consisting of glass-reinforced vinyl ester. The material has a very high chemical resistance and may also resist condensing sulfuric acidic gas.

 has several types of vinyl ester products. The product and treatment is selected on the basis of:
  • Exhaust analysis
  • Temperature
  • Material
  • Construction
Flake Lining can withstand temperatures up to 230° dry air during treatment.

perform a Flake Lining with longevity requires careful and thorough pre-treatment with several quality control measurements during the course of the task. The proces ends with a 100% pore detection of the surface to ensure that it is completely sealed.

Lining can be performed on steel and concrete and can, for instance be applied to:
  1. Flue gas duct canals
  2. ID Fan housing and wheel
  3. Bag filters
  4. Concrete tanks and concrete furrows in flue gas system 
  5. Steel tanks and containers of corrosive content
  6. Absorbers at power plants

During treatment, we rmploy powerful ventilation using the OMØ Mobile Fan. This means that we can blast clean without use of water. This ensures a completely dry surface before application. At the same time the OMØ Mobile Fan is used to exhaust blowing agents to obtain the best possible work conditions.

Virtually all
plants have problems with corrosion. At many plants, new plates are wleded in anually, with involves additional costs for insulation, scaffolding, forging and welding etc. Alternatively, a preventive solution can be implemented in order to avoid maintenance work.

Lining represents an excellent investment with the surface in most cases, providing protection for more than 10 years.

can also combine Flake Lining with ceramic coatings which are appropriate for areas of heavy erosion.

are happy to come and advise on what type of treatment that can be carried in your environment. We can also offer a fixed price so you have the opportunity to plan and budget your repair.