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Fire protective coating

Fire paint is a good protection of structures. The paint forms a fire-resistant surface that protects the key structures of steel.

When the paint is exposed to heat, it foams up and forms a thick protective layer of the painted steel structure.

Typical fire painted subjects are:

  • Supporting structures
  • Access
  • Emergency exits
  • Control rooms, etc.

Fire protective coating of steel structures

Fire protective coating used for fire protection of structural steel work, where requirements of BS-30, BS-60 and BS-90 are met. The systems can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Paint work is done "on location" by our experienced staff. Some products are specifically designed for outdoor use, this means that they retain the fire protective properties after years of impact of the weather.

Protection of steel can be combined with corrosion protection up to C4, thereby obtaining both a high and lasting corrosion protection and fire protection.

A certificate is issued, which describes the treatment.