Boiler cleaning standards

Omø specialize in boiler cleaning. Depending on the need, we use various standards cleaning alone or in combination with each other.

We have extensive experience with various boiler designs and can advise on the planning of audits in order to minimize audit time.

Omø Boiler Cleaning Standards (OBCS) describes how the surface will appear and in what area of the boiler, the different levels of cleaning can be used.

See our different cleaning standards in pdf here:

BCS nr. 1 OMØ Boiler cleaning standard. High
BCS nr. 2 OMØ Boiler cleaning standard. Medium
BCS nr. 3 OMØ Boiler cleaning standard. Low
BCS nr. 4 OMØ Boiler cleaning standard - Cleaning inconell
BCS nr. 5 OMØ Boiler cleaning standard - Cleaning before inconell welding
BCS nr. 1-5 Complete print